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Tumbleweed Mobile Shredding & Recycling, LLC..

Tumbleweed Mobile Shredding is a locally owned mobile shredding company. Jim Martin, a long time member of the local judicial system, is the owner and founder of the company.

Tumbleweed’s mission is to provide for the information destruction needs of the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. That information can be briefly described as personal information such as tax returns and credit applications which if they fall into the wrong hands can be used to steal a person’s identity. Patient information is also mandated to be protected from the public by laws such as HIPAA. Lastly, there are corporate papers (proposals, plans, projections, payroll records, etc) which if in the possession of the wrong people can hurt the corporation.


Tumbleweed fulfills this mission by shredding the paper. You can secure Tumbleweed’s service to shred for you in either of the following types of relationships.

Purge or on-call shredding. When you have a number of boxes which need shredding, you call us. We come out and shred the material in a fast, professional mobile shredding truck. You are given a certificate of destruction. You can view the shredding too. If you use this method, remember to keep your papers under lock and key until they are shredded.

Periodic or route shredding. We jointly set up an acceptable time each week, or month to pick up the material and shred it in our mobile shredding truck. We provide lockable bins or consoles free of charge. During the time between shreddings, you can put your confidential material in the lockable bins or consoles and therefore be in compliance with the various laws.