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What You Should Shred

In order to be compliant with the laws and protect yourself, stockholders, employees, and customers/patients, you should destroy all confidential and outdated material.

What Should Be Shredded?

  1. Any document, which contains confidential material (designs, proposals, plans, and drafts of such information.).
  2. Any document which could be used for the purpose of identity theft (social security numbers, customer lists, credit applications, tax returns, etc).
  3. Any document which could cause harm in the hands of criminals or competitors (canceled checks, price lists, business plans, credit card numbers)
  4. Any document which is mandated to be protected by laws such as HIPAA (healthcare), GLB (financial) or FACTA (general).
  5. Any non-paper item which could cause harm to you or others in the hands of criminals (security uniforms, employee identification cards, product packaging, out of spec products, recalled products, etc.). For a comprehensive list of non-paper items you should shred, click here.

Advertising Development
Application for Jobs
Bank Account Data
Bank Statements
Bids & Quotations
Brokerage Statements
Business Plans
Canceled Checks
Classified Information
Client List/Files
Competitive Intelligence
Computer Reports
Confidential Letters

Credit Card Statements
Customer Lists
Debit Card Numbers
Drivers License Numbers
Employement Information
Engineering Drawings
Executive Letters
Financial Records
Insurance Policy Data
Inventory Records
Legal Documents
Maps & Blueprints
Market Research
Marketing Development
Medical Records

Meeting Notes
New Product Plans
Organizational Charts
Outdated Business
Payroll Information
Personnel Records
Presentations Price List
Price/Inventory Lists
Profit & Loss Statements
Proposals and Quotes
Social Security Numbers
Tax Records
Telephone Numbers